Brinje and its surrounding area

Brinje and its surrounding area is an ideal location to spend an active and fulfilling vacation in all seasons. Winter and summer rock climbing on attractive climbing trails in Staro Brinje, gentle hiking trails, photo safaris, fishing or hunting, strolling through the woods and green meadows, sledding, snowshoeing or an adventurous winter bike ride.

For those of you who are physically fit and willing to discover the secrets of underground tunnels, there are many interesting and mysterious karst phenomena, including the Siničić cave and Rokina abyss.

Come alone, or with your friends and family, take part in exploring, adventuring, and creating lasting memories. We have something here for everyone; there is a hidden corner for each of your special memories, for your Brinje story.

Educational mountaineering trail – Brinjski prsten

Educational mountaineering trail Brinjski prsten is circular in shape, it´s total length is 18,5 km, and it is on the route Brinje – Zarin – Siničić cave – Brinje. 

Its longer part runs along the ridge of the mountain Škamnica leading trackers to the highest peak of Brinj´s hollow Zarin (828m) and belvedere Kozjak which provides a spectacular view of the Brloško field and Gusić lake. Going further to the east the path leads to real geomorphological gem, Siničić cave which is on the list of protected areas in the Republic of Croatia, Natura 2000. This mountainous area belongs to the mountain range of Mala Kapela and is a part of Lika´s highlands, i.e. Dinara Mountains. Relief is intended with a mosaic appearance of a large number of valleys, caves, karst springs, sinkholes and cliffs. Before the very entrance into the forest the tracker will get acquainted with biological and morphological diversity of Brinj´s area. Rich diversity in flora and fauna is the indicator of a healthy and well-preserved eco system.


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